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 iMac upgrade was not totally successful. 

Data files and pics are OK, really just email that has been lost.

I would like everyone who has sent email in the last few months to resend so that I will have you in the new system.

We are still caliber conversion specialists!
Please click the menu link at the left for details of each product.

I have now phased out taking orders for the De Lisle, 45-SC and other Enfield conversion builds.
Now selling accessories or kits only, no serial numbered items are handled by S.I.A.

Enfield Picatinny scope rails are back in stock, new production.

Enfield to CAR-15 stock adapters are getting very close to final production, hope to have them by March.

I have no more .45 kits in stock for sale as of 2/17/17.
Due to unrelenting demand I am making another run for March delivery
Please email to be put on the new pre-order list.
Kits only, no more build service.

All S.I.A. accessories are continuing.

Watch for exciting new products in 2018!

Our Novem 9mm is the logical successor to the De Lisle and was built on a new action.

All Novem's have been sold as of 10/22/17
I now sell Novem 9mm conversion kits for local assembly.

Standard 16" barrel Novem 9mm carbine.

Why did we use the Enfield action for conversions?

Until fairly recently the Enfield actions had been relatively inexpensive and plentiful.
Their two-piece stocks design and wide magazine well made them easier to work with for conversions.
The No. 1 Mk. III Enfield is the only correct action for a proper De Lisle replica.

Sorry, I've had to end the direct email link due to spambots.

Email is sia#pyramid.net (Replace # with @ for working email)

Email auto-deleted messages I had saved for later contact regards back-order and suspended items. 
You may need to recontact me regards De Lisle's, scope rails, stock adapters, etc.

 Shop visits are by appointment only as we do no local retail.

Special Interest Arms
1422-A Industrial Way
Gardnerville, NV 89410

Please refer to the item number (if shown) in all correspondence, it helps us track individual guns and accessories.
We do not list our telephone number on this site in an effort to reduce unrelated interruptions to our production.
Our telephone number is included with email correspondence.

We are a small company, we do not have a secretary to answer questions.
We have tried to anticipate and answer most questions via this site.

Please e-mail any remaining questions after fully exploring this site.
The site will be updated as we learn what additional questions need to be answered.

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