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I had to move abruptly as my old shop premises were sold out from under me.
This has been VERY disruptive and I apologize for the resulting delays.
I also sold my CNC machines so many products will be discontinued once current supply is exhausted.
If you have an order form with a Gardnerville address please email for an updated form as all mail now goes to my home.

I am the caliber conversion kit specialist!
Please click the menu link at the left for details of each product.
Now selling accessories and kits only, no more serialized items are handled by me.
Enfield Picatinny type scope rails are back in stock.

Enfield to CAR-15 stock adapters are in stock, $125.00 ea.
Selling out quickly, only six left as of 12/9/18.

.45 Enfield conversion kits are back in production, only barrels remain to be completed.
Please email to be put on the current order list.
Kits only, no more build services.

Most standard S.I.A. accessories will remain available into 2019.

Watch for an exciting new AR-15 related product late spring of 2019!

TCM/Novem actions have become difficult to obtain new.
I now only sell Novem 9mm conversion kits for local assembly.

Standard 16" barrel Novem 9mm carbine.

Sorry, I've had to end the direct email link due to spambots.

Email is siacncprod#pyramid.net (Replace # with @ for working email)

Be sure to update our email as the old mail has been cancelled.

Now working from home so my address is only on the order forms.

Please refer to the item number (if shown) in all correspondence, it helps us track individual accessories.
I do not list my telephone number on this site in an effort to reduce unrelated interruptions to production.
Our telephone number is included with email correspondence.

I am a "One man band", I do not have a secretary to answer questions.
I have tried to anticipate and answer most questions via this site.

Please e-mail any remaining questions after fully exploring this site.
The site will be updated as I learn what additional questions need to be answered.

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