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De Lisle page.

S.I.A. De Lisle Silent Carbine.

I have ceased building De Lisle's beyond completion of current orders.

I have phased out all new Enfield conversion builds.

Since this page is popular world-wide I will leave it up as a reference archive for a short while longer.
I am phasing out all Enfield products and will be closing this site.
Please copy any pics or links you want to keep now.

S.I.A. Delise replica.

S.I.A. De Lisle Silent Carbine.
Standard configuration.

S.I.A. De Lisle with intact charger guide.
With charger guide retained.

De Lisle Silent Carbine is now out of production until another assembler is found.

No Silencer specific components may be sold in kit form per BATFE regulations.

Ours was not an "Exact" replica as it uses our standard .45 conversion components.
It uses unmodified M-1911 type magazines and is much simpler and stronger than an original De Lisle.
Except for the magazine adapter the appearance is very faithful to an original.
The charger guide is usually removed as was done to most originals.
If scope mounting is planned the charger guide needs to be retained.
We are were using original type baffles in stainless steel.
The bolt remains full length, and the 16" silencer tube was usually made integral so that only one NFA tax was required.
Feed and extraction are vastly improved over the original, and the barrels chamber is fully supported in the receiver.
We DID put a black Delrin® insert in the bolt handle to prevent it from clicking when closing the action!
Test firing confirms that the design is very quiet and very accurate.
The sound pulse is very short with no following hiss. We have confirmed that a shot cannot be heard at fifty yards!

De Lisle video.

De Lisle gong video.

More De Lisle picture links.

De Lisle components pictures.

http://www.specialinterestarms.com/100_5843th.jpg        http://www.specialinterestarms.com/DeLisle%20P&T/DSCF0407th.jpg
 Magazine adapter assembly.                                                     De Lisle barrel after porting.

http://www.specialinterestarms.com/DSCF0376th.jpg        http://www.specialinterestarms.com/DSCF0392th.jpg
                        De Lisle baffles.                                                                De Lisle barreled action.

De Lisle fore-end wood.

De Lisle detail pictures.

http://www.specialinterestarms.com/DSCF0465.jpg                  http://www.specialinterestarms.com/DSCF0466.jpg
 Left side of De Lisle Silent Carbine.                                        Right side of De Lisle Silent Carbine.
http://www.specialinterestarms.com/DSCF0468.jpg                  http://www.specialinterestarms.com/DSCF0469.jpg  
              Top view of De Lisle Silent Carbine.                                    Top view of De Lisle barrel - suppressor tube.

http://www.specialinterestarms.com/DSCF0471.jpg                http://www.specialinterestarms.com/DSCF0473.jpg
         Top view of De Lisle Silent Carbine.                                 Bottom view of De Lisle Silent Carbine. 

http://www.specialinterestarms.com/DSCF0474.jpg                http://www.specialinterestarms.com/DSCF0476.jpg  
Muzzle end view of De Lisle Silent Carbine.                             Rear view of De Lisle Silent Carbine.   

             Delrin ® insert in a De Lisle bolt handle.
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