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New Enfield 45-SC
Enfield .45-SC
We have ceased building .45-SC's.
.45 conversions are sold out!
No more will be made.
Leaving this page up for only a short while longer as an archive, please copy any images or links ASAP.

.45-SC was inspired by the De Lisle using a more modern design.

Standard 45-SC with scope rail.
Standard 45-SC with optional Picatinny scope rail and Hi-Viz front sight.

Enfield 45-SC tactical fixed stock.

Video of suppressed .45-SC.

Another suppressed .45-SC video.

Close-up video of a .45-SC

A long .45-SC video.

The close-up video has some errors in the dialog but does an excellent job of displaying the gun and it's features. 
None of the guns in these videos are a true De Lisle replica, they are all our standard 45-SC's.
They are inspired by the De Lisle but are updated with modern technology, built on a No. 4 action.

Our true De Lisle replica is now being delivered to customers, built on No. 1 actions as original.

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