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Our own design permanently attached low mount Picatinny style scope base to fit No. 1 and 2A actions.
Price is $85.00, shipping to continental U.S. included!

This is the lowest possible rear mounted No. 1 scope mount, it fits over the bolt and still allows the use of original sights.

The No. 4 and 5 version is $95.00 due to the additional locking part.

New production now shipping.
Order soon to ensure you do not miss out!

Enfield picatinny rail on a No. 4 .

To simplify production and inventory we settled on one length for all scope rails, the forward end is cut to clear an original wood stock.

A custom shortened version mounted behind a tactical quad-rail.

******Product update for early 2018******

De Lisle fore-wood for your home build, $75.00
Final sanding and stain required.

.45 kits are back in current production.
NO assembly services, kits or adapters ONLY!
No real change in price but I will not be supplying the magazine.
Order item # 620-045-001WB from Brownell's.
If you are already on the list you should not need to recontact me.
New inquiries send email for an order form.

Original No. 4, 5 and No. 1 .303 Enfield parts.

We do find ourselves with a fair supply of some original parts surplus to our needs.
Mostly .303 barrels, magazines, occasional oversize Number 3 bolt heads, stock bands and upper fore arm wood.
We rarely have any No. 1 spares beyond barrels, magazines, nose caps, and stock bands.
If you are looking for original parts please send an email listing any original parts needed.

Updated version of our AR-15 stock adapters are in production at last!
Example below is fit to a one of a kind 7.62x39 Enfield "K" with full size AK mags.

They were very popular for the .45-SC Tactical.
 I reduced the price significantly from former $200.00 via the new simpler design.
Now only $125.00 but you will also need to choose an ACE component to mount the stock.
The new adapter works with many ACE stock couplings.
With this new design the stock can be folded to the left as well as having an adjustable length of pull.
These are selling out quickly, only ten left as of 6/23/18

Special Interest Arms