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TCM/Novem is discontinued.

I am out of these kits as of 2/18/19
No more will be made as I've sold the CNC lathe.

"Novem" 9mm barrel and modified components.

Poor availabilty from Armscor and expensive shipping twice over make local assembly a better option.
I know there are a lot of 22 TCM's out there, they are just being difficult to get from wholesalers.

Standard 16" barrel Novem 9mm carbine.
Standard 16" barrel Novem 9mm carbine.

Novem 9mm Carbine suppressor host.
Novem 9mm with integral cup for suppressor.
Not SBR's due to the integral cup making the barrel 16" minimum overall.

There had not been a new 9mm bolt action carbine available since the Destroyer Carbine in 9mm Largo was discontinued.
We modifed new Armscor .22 TCM rifles to 9mm Luger using a newly made barrel.
Barrel kits available with a standard 16.5" barrel or an SBR build.
The manual bolt action eliminates the unavoidable action noise of any semi-auto firearm.
A 1/2-28 (12/36 or 5/8-24) threaded muzzle for use with suppressors is standard, with a delete option.
Original carbine magazines hold five rounds in 9mm.
The Armscor pistol magazines also interchange for seventeen round capacity in 9mm.
Our conversions are lighter than the original 22 TCM unless suppressed.
They are a very handy length for vehicle carry or use by youth/ladies with their shorter barrels.
The receiver features an 11 mm dovetail for scope mounting.
Link to an inexpensive Picatinny rail which has gotten good reviews, DIP Products TCM scope rail.

In response to questions and comments I must state that the Armscor factory .22 TCM working pressure for this action is 38,000 PSI.
Standard SAAMI specification 9mm actually runs at reduced pressure compared to the .22 TCM round at only 35,000 PSI.

The TCM is an "Intermediate" action, it is not a large action heavy rifle!
Please use good sense in choosing your factory load and reloads.
9mm +P is is normally 38,500 PSI, +P+  is at 42,000 PSI, so clearly not a good idea.

An independently produced video, seven minutes and very detailed in comparing subsonic to supersonic rounds. Independent youtube Novem video.
Another short independent video, .22 TCM, Novem 9mm standard and suppressed. Too bad the wind was so loud. Short comparison video on youtube.

We can supply a "Short" 10.0" barrel with a permanently attached "Cup" at the muzzle end bringing overall length to 16" for use with screw-on silencers while avoiding the NFA tax requirement.
*11.0" exposed length ahead of the action, actual length just over 12.0".

There is more to these conversions than just a barrel swap, the bolt and feed ramp also have to be modified.
We can supply a 16.5" barrel loose and "In the white" for those intending to do a Form 1 conversion on their own.

Form 1 or SOT SBR builds are NFA items, all pertinent regulations apply.

Link to an independent review at TTAG.

Visit the Armscor site, http://armscor.com/firearms/rifle-series/m22-tcm-ba/

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