Special Interest Arms - Thureon SC
Special Interest Arms
New Thureon
Integrally Suppressed Thureon Defense® Carbine barrels or complete firearms!
9mm, .40, 10mm and .45!     From $600.00 on your barrel.    Complete firearms from $1400.00
Dealer pricing available.

Single tax stamp, currently using stepped "M" baffles ahead of an 8" ported barrel.

Thureon Carbine video

AR9-SC & Thureon SC's video

Pictured below "Tricked Out" with optional half-quad rail and upgraded "operator" stock.
Thureon SC with options.

Thureon SC in Desert Tan.
Thureon SC in Desert Tan. 

Standard Thureon SC with Griptastic® cover.
Standard Thureon SC with Griptastic® suppressor cover.
     Step-cone "M" baffles.              A grouping of Thureon SC's.          Thureon SC Suppressor assembly with half-quad rail.

Thureon now offers Left hand uppers in all calibers!

Please email for a Thureon SC order form.

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