Special Interest Arms - Updates and Sales
Special Interest Arms
Updates and Sales.

For 2018 we have ceased taking on building De Lisle's and 45-SC's to order.
Current orders are being completed as quickly as possible.

I now supply a De Lisle build kit of the difficult items for SOT's and approved Form One builds, $900.00
No tube or baffles, all NFA rules apply.

Now out of Armscor TCM actions for Novem builds.

NFA transfers are being completed faster!
   Recent F4's have taken only four to five months instead of the "Over a year" that most 'Net discussion still says to expect.
F2's (Registration) and the associated F3 (Dealer transfer) are taking 1-3 weeks.
NFA branch has been catching up at a rate of about two weeks per month.
Future transfers should be even faster since NFA branch now has several new examiners.
I encourage you to call your senator and congressman to demand they support the Hearing Protection Act.

Due to insistent demand .45 Enfield magazine adapters and kits are getting another run.
Every time I try to cease making them I get a flurry of "Just one more" email's!

Enfield Picatinny rails are in stock for immediate delivery.
Finally got the newer and faster CNC tooled up and running parts.

"Novem" is Latin for 9.
Now doing the last "Novem" 9mm conversions on new Armscor 22 TCM rifles.
Conventional 9mm only.
Everyone who sees one of these in use wants one!

I now offer barrels and instructions so that your local gunsmith may assemble a Novem for you.
This will provide cheaper shipping and local employment in your area.
But you will still have to find a TCM to convert.

For Sale.

Sales from our inventory, or for local owners at their asking price.

NFA items transfer out of state on a form 3 for dealer to dealer, or form 4 from an individual to dealer, and on a form 4 for Nevada buyers.
Buyer to pay all NFA tax's when applicable, shipping, and insurance.
We prepare all forms via PDF file and submit them to BATFE immediately on receiving payment.
Terms are usually cash up front.

Transferable SMG!

BRP Suomi 76/45 9mm in mint condition, $8,000
On an F4 in Nevada, seller pays first transfer, buyer pays shipping.

Post '86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns (L.E. or class 2 & 3 dealers only, L.E. letter required)
None at this time.

Non-NFA firearms for sale.

Shipping terms.
FFL dealer required, long guns are usually $50 each for USPS insured shipping.
Possible discount on multiple purchase of collector guns.

Fair offers are welcome, but these are intended as retail, not for brokers or gun show resellers.

Sorry, I've had to end the direct email link due to spambots.

Email is sia#pyramid.net (Replace # with @ for working email)

Links to other companies whose products we use and recommend.

M.O.A. Targets. 
Reactive steel targets, strong supporters of our 2A rights.

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