Special Interest Arms - Updates and Sales
Special Interest Arms
Updates and Sales.

For 2019 we have ceased taking on building anything which requires a serial number.
Current orders are being completed as quickly as possible.

Now out of Armscor TCM actions for Novem builds.

With the recent feculent election results the Hearing Protection Act is dead for at least the next two years!

Due to demand .45 Enfield magazine adapters and kits have gotten a final run.
Just finishing chambering barrels then a few will be ready to ship with a final fifty to follow ASAP.

Enfield Picatinny rails are in stock for immediate delivery.

"Novem" is Latin for 9.
Now doing a very limited number of "Novem" 9mm conversion kits for local install on your TCM rifle
Conventional 9mm only, just ten more available as of 12/9/18.
Everyone who sees one of these in use wants one!
I supply new barrels and modify the bolt and feed-ramp so that your local gunsmith may assemble a Novem for you.
This provides cheaper shipping and local employment in your area.
But you will still have to find a TCM to convert.

Sorry, I've had to end the direct email link due to spambots.

Email is siacncprod#pyramid.net (Replace # with @ for working email)

Special Interest Arms